Copenhagen; the city best known for its colorful harbor houses, static palaces, green parks, and interesting museums. History and modernity go hand in hand. You can easily walk through the city and that’s why I would like to take you along my city walk around this lovely city!


A few weeks ago, I visited my boyfriend in Copenhagen, he has been living there for a few weeks now. I had never been to Denmark before, so going here was super exciting.  We got off the metro and saw the large roundabout Kongens Nytrov, in the distance I saw all kinds of colored houses. Of course I had already done some research and knew immediately, this is Nyhaven! Nyhaven is a major tourist attraction of the city. At the harbour, you will find many restaurants and bars with overcrowded terraces. Yes, overcrowed, finding a place was therefore not the easiest. Nyhaven is also a popular nightlife spot among the locals. After we had a drink, we continued our tour.

Botanisk Have

After our drink we continued to the Botanisk Have. The Botansk Have in Copenhagen is the botanical garden of the University of Copenhagen and is located in the center of the city. It is known for its complex greenhouses dating back to 1874. The Botansk Have is surrounded by a beautiful park with large ponds. It’s nice to leave the crowded city centre for a moment and clear your head through the beautiful nature. But I would definitely recommend going into the gardens as well. As an adult you pay around €8,05. Students have discounts and pay €5,36, the outdoor garden is free. Within the greenhouse complex you will find beautiful exotic plants and a butterfly garden. I especially enjoyed the butterfly garden, it’s super cute!

Amalienborg Palace & The little mermaid

From Botansk Have to the Amalienborg palace. I didn’t really have great expectations but when I walked into the square of the palace I was definitely impressed. Amalienborg is the residence of the Danish Queen Margrethe ll of Denmark and her two sons Frederik and Joachim, with their families. The buildings date from about 1750. Since 1794, the palace has been used as a royal residence. The palace consists of four classical wings, a beautiful octagonal courtyard, and a fantastic museum where you can gain more insight into the private lives of the members of the Danish royal house. I haven’t visited the museum myself but if you have great interest in royal history I would definitely go there.

Another highlight you should definitely visit in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid Statue, that’s great to combine because it is perfectly on the route. As you walk further from the palace you can see in the distance across the water the Copenhagen Opera House, a huge building with modern architecture. As you move on along the water, at a certain point you see the most famous statue of Copenhagen; The Little Mermaid! It represents the main character from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the same name. The statue stands at the harbor and was made in 1913.

Shopping & Coffee

Despite the fact that Copenhagen is known as an expensive city, you can enjoy shopping there. The shopping streets are full of the most beautiful buildings of designer brands such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. But Zara and H&M are also well represented in the city. If you prefer to shop at Danish stores that you don’t have everywhere, you can certainly succeed in Copenhagen. A few of my favourite danish brands are, YAS, Just Female & Ganni. My favorite Scandinavian store is Søstrene Grene, a store where they really have everything! If you are in Copenhagen, I would definitely visit it, it is also super affordable!

Who doesn’t feel like taking a break with a cup of coffee after shopping? Fortunately, Copenhagen has dozens of nice coffee spots. I went to the Coffee Factory, from caramel lattes to cappuccino, chocolate milk and tea. They have it all here!

So, are you thinking about a city trip? Go to Copenhagen!