I am thinking of writing my own book,

With things that sound surreal.

Every event will sound ridiculous;

And give an absurd feel.

The crazy events will happen of course;

In a country far, far away.

Where rulers can make bad decisions;

And misfortunes happen every day.

There will only be one main ruler.

This guy, I will name Prump.

With no degree in law, he'll rule,

I know, it sounds kind of dumb.

Bare with me please, as it's only fiction,

These things will never come true.

But while Prump was the almighty ruler,

A pandemic came around, shaped like a flu.

The world kept strong and came with ideas.

Meanwhile Prump never experienced sorrow.

His country seemed fine, the flu was not there,

Besides, it looks more like a problem of tomorrow.

Yet, tomorrow became today, and people got sick;

With less and less hospital beds to spare.

Some people were broke, had no medical help,

Since a while ago, Prump cancelled health care.

Lucky for those, Prump was a genius.

Without the help of experts he came to an idea.

"Since alcoholic gel seems to kill the bacteria, Why not drink it?"

said he.

His loyal followers followed;

And drank the alcoholic gel.

Every single one of them;

Suddenly did not feel well.

After a short while,

They all seemed to die.

Some people thought it was poison;

But Prump did not understand why.

People had to vote for their ruler,

As four years of ruling had passed by.

Since Prump his followers all died,

The most votes went to another guy.

That is how Prump of this far away land;

Was no longer involved.

And it seems as if all the problems;

That the country had, finally got solved.