Do you sometimes feel like there is so much happening in the Leisure and Entertainment world that it tends to be hard to catch on the new music coming up this week, the new topics or artists trending on Twitter? Don’t worry, we are here to catch you up!


The music industry is so broad it introduces new artists almost every day and with so much quality content, you can easily miss some hidden gems. On the 5th of March, Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak released their new single – “Leave The Door Open”, the first under their collaborative “Silk Sonic” moniker. They have recorded a whole album together, but the release date remains unannounced. Another of the biggest stars right now Drake has released three songs on the same day in the EP “Scary Hours 2”, with which the artist teases his upcoming album “Certified Lover Boy”. On the 19th of March another new release was made from one of the biggest pop stars in the last 10 years (and the OG music idol of Gen Z) – Justin Bieber. He released the album “Justice", which includes songs like “Peaches” and “Holy”, topping the charts worldwide.

In terms of new music from new and coming artists, the Ghanaian-Australian singer Genesis Owusu has released a new album called “Smiling with No Teeth”, the album was very well received by critics and fans of contemporary rap music.


Usually, in this part we discuss the latest festival you can go to or the artist performing at Coachella next month, but as for now the forms of events we knew are still hard to enjoy. Even so, there are plenty of online events to follow this month. The biggest one of course was the Grammy Awards on the 15th of March, which included live performances from Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and many more. If you have missed the live show, you can catch all of them online plus some iconic highlights such as how Lady Gaga slept through her “Best Duet Performance” win and Taylor Swift making history with her third album of the year trophy as she has become the first woman to ever do that. Also, this year’s Eurovision contenders started releasing their new singles for the contest in Rotterdam in May 2021, so if you want to be prepared make sure you check them out on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube account.

Films & Series

Just like new music releases, new TV shows and films premier every day. In order not to have them spoiled for you by all the memes and tweets about this week’s new show, you have to be aware of which are this month’s top hits to watch. Some of the most popular titles of March include “Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil” (23rd of March) on YouTube, which follows the past three years of the singer’s personal and professional life. Another good one is the Netflix Original “Ginny and Georgia”, which - despite premiering in the last days of February - has already become one of the most talked-about shows this month. When it comes to new movies, there are plenty of new releases as well – a new documentary premiered on Netflix on 1st of March “Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell”, which tells the story of the late rapper and RnB legend Notorious B.I.G. As fans have well received and prized the film saying that it creates the same environment and energy that the rapper did with his music. One of the biggest offerings from Amazon Prime Video is “Coming 2 America”, which is the sequel to the iconic and beloved classic from 1988 “Coming to America” starring Eddie Murphy, making him one of the most beloved comedian actors to this day. The movie follows the hilarious adventures of King Akeem of Zamunda and his confidante Semmi, who travel back to where it all has started Queens, New York.


Podcasts have become huge in 2020 and so the trend continues in 2021. People turn to the medium of podcasts for both information and entertainment purposes. Some of the most popular podcasts of March have been The Joe Rogan Experience, which keeps dominating the podcast charts, as it offers almost daily episodes with interviews of interesting and popular guests from every industry. Another popular one this month as been the true crime podcast “Crime Junkies”, which offers new episodes every Monday following a mystery or crime story.

We hope our article can guide you through the vast array of new releases this month. If you want to share some of your favorite March releases do so and tag @hubbuas in your Instagram post or story.