55 items you should have experienced in life 

We all know the bucket lists where you can find bungee-jumping or backpacking guaranteed. Dare to be different and embrace your adventurous side. Who knows, you might get inspiration from one of the following uncommon bucket list items, to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. 

  1. Be a beekeeper   
  1. Try a family constellation for some interesting eyeopeners about yourself 
  1. Learn to play the harmonica 
  1. Let a stranger choose your new tattoo 
  1. Spent Christmas in a tropical paradise 
  1. Get your nails done at Lakwerk in Amsterdam 

{Check their Instagram, for some real nice inspiration!} 

  1. Go to the Nijntje Museum, located in Utrecht 
  1. Try a new traditional dance style in or from another country 
  1. Try standup comedian 
  1. Celebrate Karnival in Brazil 
  1. Fill your bathtub with something else than water (chocolate or pasta...) 
  1. Try a Hamman massage in Marrakech 
  1. Try horse riding in Scotland while wearing a hat 
  1. Make your own gold jewels 
  1. Brew your own beer 
  1. Learn to read tarot cards 
  1. Do some volunteering work for a local charity 
  1. Learn your pet a new skill 
  1. Participate in a tv program like “De alleskunner” or “The Bachelor” 😉 
  1. Dance on pointed ballet shoes 
  1. Don’t contribute to the fast fashion industry and try to buy no new clothes for a year 
  1. Start an Instagram account about your biggest interest 
  1. Wear coloured eye lenses to school/ work 
  1. Make your own drip cake 
  1. Kiss a frog 
  1. Eat a specific colour food for a whole day 
  1. Try to eat vegan for a month 
  1. Switch phones with your best friend for one week 
  1. Go to the library and leave when you finished a book 
  1. Sign up for a talent show like Hollands Got Talent 
  1. Spice up your drinking habits and buy an AirUp Bottle 
  1. Google for workshops and attend one 
  1. Write a letter to the Minister-President 
  1. Cook some food and try to sell it! Donate the profit to a charity 
  1. Learn about Zodiac Signes 
  1. Design your own clothes 
  1. Eat something crazy in another country 
  1. Give a lesson at a primary school 
  1. Do an all over the world night, and prepare different dishes 
  1. Pick up a ‘childish’ hobby  
  1. Switch household tasks with your partner, roommate or parent 
  1. Going to the theme park with your group of friends while no other people are there 
  1. Organize a party and give all people different themes 
  1. Built a big treehouse 
  1. Visit a remote island 
  1. Apologize to an old friend 
  1. Motorbike around Cebu Islands in the Philippines 
  1. Skip your average coffee and order a completely different one 
  1. See the sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia 
  1. Live on your home-produced food for a week 
  1. Work a day at McDonalds 
  1. Learn a new skill like patching a tire 
  1. Start a new little book with stories written by friends 
  1. Spice your room up with some homemade dried flowers 
  1. Learn to unicycle  

Good luck exploring! Don’t forget that failure is also an accomplishment 😉