This recipe is vegan!

Like I have promised in my article named “Indonesian Dishtinations”, I am sharing the recipe that I have cooked with Elizabeth, an indonesian student from Creative Business. Together we made a delicious Tempe Orak-Arik. This typical Indonesian dish is easy to make at home, so please try! If you are curious about the interview I had with Elizabeth, Click here! 

A small note: The ingredients that don't mention an amount, you can fill in to your own liking. Between the brackets, I have filled it how much we used, for referencing.

Ingredients you need:

- 400 gr tempeh

- 2 Red onions Lemongrass (We used powdered Lemongrass, but you can also use fresh Lemongrass. We added a pinch of it)

- Ketjap Manis (we used about 75 ml.)

- Salt (we used about 1 tablespoon)

- Sugar (we used only a pinch of sugar)

- Pepper (We added a pinch of pepper)

- Water

- Oil

- Aroma (We used one sachet by Knorr.)

- White rice (we used microwaveable rice, 2 portions.)

Tools you need:

-Cutting board

-Sharp knife

-Bowls (3 should be enough)

-Wok pan




1. Cut the tempeh into small pieces (diagonal or small dices).

2. Cut the red onion in small pieces and leave them aside in a bowl.

3. Wash the tempeh with some water and let it drain well.

4. Make sure that the pan is deep enough and put a lot of oil in it. The tempeh should be drowning in oil.

5. Fry the tempeh until it's a little bit brown-ish. When it's done, put it aside in a bowl.

6. Fry the red onions.

7. When the red onions are half cooked (The colour of the onions should be brown), pour a little bit of water in the pan.

8. Add salt and ketjap manis (soy sauce) to your mixture of onion and water.

9. Optional: if you want to put more flavour, you can add a little bit (or a lot) of aromat and lemongrass powder.

10. Put the tempeh you put aside earlier into the pan with your sauce mixture.

11. Cook your sauce with the tempeh until you find it thick enough.

12. In the meantime also fry your rice (in a different pan). Add a little bit of ketjap manis and salt to give it some extra flavour.

13. Optional: if you want a crispy crunch you could add one tea spoon of sugar to the tempeh at the end, and let it simmer a little bit.

14. Add a nice bit of the tempeh and a nice bit of the rice on your plate and enjoy